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Good Emily Browning Icons

good emily browning icons
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Welcome to good_emilyicons, a quality-icon community dedicated to the Australian actress Emily Browning. The 'good' icon communities have been started by people who want to see quality icons of actors, movies, etc. Other 'good' icon communities include good_asoueicons for A Series of Unfortunate Events and good_potoicons for Phantom of the Opera, as well as many others.

This community was created for the purpose of posting quality icons of Emily Browning. That means no MS Paint or other programs like that, no Pixel fonts (unless used correctly), and no newbie icon makers. To the newbies - keep working on style, etc, and apply later.

After you've been approved, we'll obviously expect you to post. You don't need to post every day, but please make yourself an asset to the community. We don't want to accept you and have you never post.

When you do post, put 3 or more icons under an lj cut. Three is the minimum number of icons in a post, because posts with 1 or 2 icons make me cry. As do posts with bases.

If you have foul language, put it behind a cut with a warning. Please.

If you don't want to post icons in the community or don't believe you're good enough yet to apply, you can always friend the community. DO NOT CLICK THE 'JOIN COMMUNITY' LINK AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE. YOUR REQUEST WILL BE REJECTED. When you friend the community you see the entries on your friends page but you cannot post. It's a great way to see the icons and not have to post.

If you take an icon always comment in the post the icon is in, tell the maker which one you are taking, and credit the maker. If you don't know how to credit, See This tutorial, done by the lovely teh_indy

So you've read the rules so far and you think you're up to applying? Comment in the Application Post and follow the following rules:

1. Comment in the journal you plan to be posting in. I've done stupid things before like try to apply while I'm on my personal journal while I'd be posting on my icon journal. Just double check.
2. Post 5-10 icons that you consider your best work. They do NOT have to be of Emily or her work.
3. Put the words " Bathed in afterglow " in the subject line so we know you REALLY read the rules.

You'll either be accepted or rejected soon after posting - usually the same day but since I have a life don't hold me to that. I'll invite you to the community if you're accepted, so check your Invites Page if I accept you.

If you're not accepted, please don't be nasty about it. Work on your style, play around with things, and apply again the next week. There's no limit to how many times you can apply, as long as you only apply once a week. If you apply more than one time per week or you're nasty about not being accepted, you will be banned from the community.

good_emilyicons was founded on February 13, 2005 by silent_storm_ The layout was created by me also. If you have made a banner for the community, feel free to email me at glamouricons@witty.com with it and we can see if we can make it into a layout. You will be credited in this space.

Is silent_storm_. Please respect my authority or else I will get mad and ban you. If you would like to friend either my personal journal, silent_storm_, or my icon journal, glamour_icons, go ahead, I have nothing against it. If you need to contact me you can do so in either journal or by e-mailing me at the address listed above.

If you would like to be an affiliate, comment anywhere, we're always looking for communities or icon journals to affiliate with.